Tuesday, July 6, 2010

First field day

Here's a run down of my first couple to field days

Holy shit balls. Is it ever hot out here.
I think I need to carry and drink my weight in water. I guess I could carry treatment tablets then treat water in the field. Oh wait. THERE IS NO MOISTURE WHAT SO EVER.

We were out from 6 to 12:30 and I was hurting HURTING at the end of it. I had a head ache, felt nauseous, wanted to die. I made it through but tried to discretely puke in the office bathroom when we got back.

As of late, meaning the past year or so don't you all get any ideas, puking has been my body's response to most things. Nervous for test? blarghhhh, Too many hot dogs? blooorrggggg, Haven't eaten anything all day? Baaarrfffff (because that makes sense?) and now, unsurprisingly, heat exaustion? BARRFFFFFF.

I wasn't all that dehydrated, I drank like 4 liters including some electrolytes (because it is what plants crave) but I think my body was just saying to me WHAT WHAT WHAT ARE YOU DOING? Are you not a temperate creature? Is your range not limited to areas of high precipitation? WHAT THE HELL ASS ARE YOU DOING IN THE DESERT WHERE IT IS 105 DEGREES EVERY DAY?!.!?1??

Sorry body, sorry to scare you like that.

I wasn't the only newbie hurting, but I was probably the only one who was honest about it. At the end of the day out boss asked how everyone felt, to which I responded.

Pull your shit together man, this is the best job you can get right now so pull. it. together.
I went at it full force, drank a shit ton of water the night before. So much so that I had to get up to pee in the night multiple times.
The morning. Drink more water! SO MUCH.
Get to work, pop some electrolyte tablets (it's easier than packing gatorade) Fill up my reservoir and pack my frozen water bottles. DESTROY THE DAY.
This day was easier, we weren't out as long, it was overcast and my section was in the shade for the most part. So, no great victory there, but I was feelin' mighty fine by the end of the day.

Also, we off trailed rock scrambled up a wash to get to our site with our clumsy gear on out backs. FINALLY, my childhood training of jumping over boulders has become useful.

This day we were doing some analysis on another groups plots alllllll dayyyyyy. No clouds, 1,000,000 degrees, from 6-2:30.
Following much the same plan as day two.
I DESTROYED. WOOOOO. Felt fine all day, got stuff done.
Nailed it! Out lived out played and outlasted and made sure we got the plots done that day. Yussssss

IN CONCLUSION: I feel good about how far I've come in being able to deal with the heat. Take that desert. This amphibian will not be killed by you yet

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  1. Hell yeah girl. Way to be hardcore. You are a badass!