Thursday, July 22, 2010

Waiting for rain

Probably what has been most incongruous about moving from Seattle to the Sonoran desert is the definition of a "nice summer day"
In Seattle, a nice summer day is defined by sunshine, blue skies and, basically, a lack of cloud cover.
In Tucson, a nice summer day, is when it's over cast, grey and hopefully(!) a little rainy.

I spend a lot of my time pulling out tiny spines (glocchids) out of me. I will think I have found them all but there is always more

I heard from Pat yesterday. He wants to come down and see me. But he says he wants to come down on his bike. Hmmm, bad plan me thinks. It will be easy to talk him out of it.

Haven't seen a roach since Saturday. Got my license plates and an awesome sweatshirt from Cassie in the mail yesterday.

Today and TOmorrow I have off, which is good because I've got me one of them summer colds. Yesterday was a post nasal drip hell and today I've been groggily dealing with the exterior painters of my building.

Also Chex Mix. I love having a kitchen.

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