Monday, June 21, 2010

First Impresions

Everyone here is so nice to me. A lady at the Albertsons told me what was the best sunscreen, the guy at the Discount Mattress Barn was really helpful, my apartment manager is going to rival my old managers in awesomeness.

I made a new tree friend. It's a velvet mesquite Prosopis velutina and it is super cool. It grows outside my balcony keeping my apartment nice and shady. It's flowers are mimosoid and borne in catkins. The leaves are pinately compound looking a lot like a sensitivity plant but it's leaves only close at night time. This is it's natural range and I guess it can be quite noxious outside of it, but this is where it's supposed to be and it is adorable. Mine is way bigger than the one in the picture above.

Mom and I were pulling down the win today as we got pretty much my whole apartment squared away. Mattress, chairs, lamps, shower curtain. Big Checks. Also I've got a sweet guest bed set up.

Tomorrow starts the ever frightening car hunt.

Had my first In-n-Out burger experience today (Sonic burger is here too!) and it was pretty good. I GUESS. I miss Dick's burgers.


  1. Ahh... glorious southern hamburgers. I love some Sonic. Try the hickory burger, it melts. And see if In 'N Out will do your order Animal Style. Very good. How's the AC? I'm sure that's a new addition to your personal space.

  2. Who's that GonzoBill guy, he sounds like he's from Texas.