Wednesday, June 23, 2010

This is real. This is a real thing. Bearizona, gateway to the grand canyon. BROOKE: If you come visit me and Lindsay, we are driving up to see this. Have I ever told you how much I love drive through zoos? I love them.

Last night there were a bunch of birdies in my tree. I think they were Inca Doves? Or a white winged dove? I dunno. Birds. People always ask me what birds are but, heck, all I know is plants. Usually I just make something up. Name a body part and color, then the color of most of the bird, then say bird. Red winged Black Bird. Boom, you're a bird expert.

ALSO A LIZARD. Just a little guy! Climbed right past my window. What a cutie.
I know even less of lizards. Good thing I've got lizard training coming up.

Bought insurance today, by tomorrow or friday morning I will have the Rondo.

Haven't read my year book yet. I'll read it this weekend probs.

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  1. BEARIZONA!! the name of that place has me sold already. WE GOT BEARS. IN ARIZONA. BEARIZONA!!!!!!