Tuesday, June 22, 2010

First off. The name of the bus system in Tucson: Sun Tran. Yessss
Bought a car today. Should be in my sweet hands within the next few days.
At the dealership I told the guy what I wanted, what makes I liked etc and what my budget was.
He recommended a PT Cruiser
"0h..." I said
Usually I really don't care much about cars. If it runs I like it, but I think PT Cruisers are some of the ugliest cars that have ever been created. Those and the cars that look like boxes. Dude! You forgot to round the corners!
I tried not to let the horror show on my face. Mom blew my cover by cracking up and saying
"She HATES PT Cruisers!"
It's true, I do.

Or did!

Nope, still do.
As if by Magic a Kia Rondo appeared. I've been scoping these cars on the intertubes and as if by providence they got one in TODAY
I drove it and now it shall be mine. IT SHALL BE MINE.
As long as it passes their "190 point certification" otherwise THEY GONNA FIND ME A BETTA ONE. Yes.

After our major Car win, Mom and I went back to my chill pad (getting chiller by the minute!) and scoped some insurance rentals. What the heck why am I so grown up. Insurance. What a racket.

Then we went on a drive to East Saguaro. Guys. It is so pretty here. There are so many neat things to look at and saguaros have so much personality! Man. It is freaking hot though. I walked to the grocery store to try and get used to it, it wasn't so bad, but it was evening time and I was in the shade. I saw a hummingbird!


  1. It is really a testament to how grown up you are that your mom's there. But otherwise...

  2. Just 'cause I have parents who love me...