Thursday, June 24, 2010

Photos I took

This is what I expected to see when I moved out here. Saguaros every once is a while. Why else would they be protected right?

This is what it's actually like. They are FREAKING EVERYWHERE and it is so rad. A forest. A forest!

These pictures were mostly taken at the Arizona Sonoran Museum. It's pretty much the best. Part zoo part botanic garden, part natural history museum complete with SPELUNKING. I'm thinking about buying a membership because I'm going to make everyone who comes to visit me go.

Here is a wild boar thing named a Javalina, or Javy, and they are adorable. Just roamin' around the desert, being mad chill.

Saguaros are in fruit! Yes. These are fruits not flowers. The flowers are white and, like all cactaceae, have many parts spirally arranged. DUH. THIS IS CLEARLY A FRUIT. Which I hear are delicious

This is my kitchen. I am drunk on counter space.

This is my new car in some parking lot.
This is how I feel about said new car.

Went to a minor minor league baseball game today. It was thirsty Thursday. Beers, sodas and lemonades one dolla. ONE DOLLA. For two hours after the first pitch. I love this city

Mom leaves tomorrow
Work starts Monday

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  1. So many AWESOME things. I love your car, apartment, wild animals and cacti fruitssss!!