Saturday, June 26, 2010

A yearbook

Mom left yesterday which was okay until Mom started getting sad as we loaded her bags. Then I got sad, then it was a sad fest, then we got brave. Then Mom went to the airport and I went to the library.

I get a better internet connection sitting on my balcony which, even when it's 106 degrees isn't so bad. It's shady thanks to the overhang and my tree. I think this mesquite must be pretty old, it's one of the bigger ones I've seen. Lots of thing live in or around it. Woodpeckers, sparrows and doves frequently flit around looking for little bugs. Speaking of bugs, there are (what I think are) cicadas in there too. I've never heard cicadas before. How strange they are. My favorite, of course, are the lizards. They usually climb around in the morning while I'm drinking my tea.

I binged and read my whole yearbook last night. You are all so sweet to me. It made me want to bring all of you down here so we can all crash in my apartment then explore the desert together. I'll probably read it again and/or until the pages fall apart. We filled up the College Inn massively that night (though, I know yous were all just there for the beer.) I wish I hadn't been so busy in my last 3 weeks in Seattle. I feel like I was a bit flippant with some of yous due to my haste and zeal to belittle the move I was making.

I've been listening to the local radio station KXCI a lot. Usually I listen to a lot of radio stories and whatever albums I'm currently attatched to due to my hatred of scilence, but down here I've just had this station on. Its a weirdo mix of all sorts of things. At any point you're likely to be hearing Robert Johnson or MIA or irish reels or a whole 3 hours dedicated to bluegrass or christmas music... in June. It's the first radio station that I regularly want to listen to more than what I can mix myself.

I was sitting on my balcony last night watching the sun go down beyond the mesquite and palm trees. I think I really like it here.

If any of you are interested in what it is I'm doing down here work wise, this pretty much explains it.

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