Tuesday, June 29, 2010


So far so good. The hiking we'll be doing is pretty flat, which is fine by me because it is DAMN HOT and we'll be carrying heavy stuff. When I asked how much I found out it's never gonna be more than 4 gallons of water, which is like, 34 pounds.
I can do that!

I have been having a bit of trouble with the heat though. I've been drinking water like a person who drinks a lot of water and I still am getting headaches. Whats the deal? I'm totally hydrated, peeing all the time, still with the headaches? Is it because I have low blood pressure? Maybe I need more electrolytes? ("it's got electrolytes in it!") Is my hat too tight? What the helllllllllccckkkkk. I'm trying electrolytes tomorrow. The next day I will try the hat. One variable at a time people.

So far my crew seems pretty cool. I'm excited to get to know them better. I haven't been as loud as I normally am because we are still indoors. Gotta use my inside voice. Sometimes I slip up though. Today I told an abbreviated version about the history of Alexander Hamilton and Aaron Burr to the crew at lunch and gave my "elevator research talk" to my boss.
Ruh roh, my nerd is showing

But, the crew seemed mildly entertained(mildly) and my boss said this about my research
Boss "Sooo is this for your masters or phd?"
Me "ummm, it was just for undergrad..."
Boss "Woah, was undergrad research required?"
Me "No....I just love science"

Boss says there is a lot of research at the park and they will try and get me hooked up with some mad chill research and send me out with the ologists when they can. Wah hoo!

Did I tell you about all the cool research that there is at the UofA? There is a lot. They pioneered tree ring studies. Climate change. Cool stuff.

Today I saw baby Javalinas. Oh my goodness. The cuteness. THE CUTENESS.
And Lizards! I still get excited.

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