Friday, June 18, 2010

Welcome to my new Blogball game!

Friday June 18th Seattle

Sittin ' in my increasingly empty apartment with BROOKE JAMBOREE who always seems to be around when I'm packing.
(Also it's not possible to say or write this particular BROOKE's name without imagining it in all caps. I imagine a lot of things in all caps though.)

Lot's of peeps want to keep up with the haps so I'm gonna try and write this blog thing so that I don't fill your inbox with a bazillion pages of emails. Also this is the age of social networking. Email is so 2001.

Oh man I'm gonna miss my little apartment. It's the tiniest thing in the world but it's the first time I really lived by myself and not just mostly by myself like winter quarter in the dorms when my roommate was never around except at like 3 am whenever I had to work early or popping corn to cover another, more illicit, scent which only resulted in the room smelling like socks.
Good times!
Moral: I love living by myself. I'm never going back.

My apartment in Tucson is gonna be 3 times the size of this one. It has doors! and closets! and a dishwasher

I got super sun burnt at graduation both from the sun and from a boiling embarrassment for our ASUW president (Were you high during the grad speech? Really bro? Go dawgs?) and now it's starting to peel. It looks like I have leprosy on my neck. So much for that tan. It wasn't so much a tan as it was skin that had atrophied. I am SO PREPARED for the Tucson sun.

I should probably buy some sunscreen...eventually

I received my work schedule for the first week of my job. Most of it is awesome training on things like WILDERNESS FIRST AID and going to MUSEUMS for CULTURAL TRAINING. Also plant identification. I'm gonna ace it.
It also says several times. Meet at Helibase, Tour of Helibase, Set up Helibase

Oh man, helicoptering in to a remote location to do invasive removal would be just about the most bad ass thing ever.
Also totally unreasonable for a government plant removal job. A single helicopter drop probably costs as much as an entire decade of this projects budget.
But I can dreeeeeeeaaaammmmmm
Aprox 48 hours until Tucson.

Also, should I totally buy this Jeep? (The answer is yes)

Also the photo above is pretty much what I expect the Saguaros to look like

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